At eye level with Switzerland as a financial centre, MCZ Moschin Executive AG has contacts at senior management level within banks, above all in Zürich, but also throughout the whole of Switzerland. The essential tools of our trade are a widespread network and an extensive, up-to-the-minute database.

This is how we know who to contact when you need to fill a management or specialist position at a bank or in an accounts department in another sector. You can naturally rely on us to work systematically and discretely; with our ear to the ground in the world of finance, we know who is looking for what and where. Our intuition and extensive know-how tell us where to look and which people are perfect for your company.

It’s no wonder that many leading companies place their trust in us when they are looking for senior management, and that leading senior managers, in turn, come to us when they want to take their next step on the job ladder.

MCZ Moschin Executive AG - Team